We're different after dark. Turn off the lights, Turn UP the music, and get ready to GLOW. Get your GLOW gear ready and come out to Sky Zone every Friday and Saturday night 7pm - 10-pm! UV reflective clothing required, GLOW shirts available for only $5.99!
Little Leapers
Come and join us every Wednesday and Sunday from 9am - 11am for Little Leapers! Little Leapers is a great shared experience for child and parent. For ages 7 and under. $12.99 allows the Toddler to jump and the parent to supervise.
Open Jump
Fly free on our Freestyle Court. Leap into Foam Zone. Dunk like a pro on Sky Slam. And Dodgeball...? On trampolines? Oh yeah, it's ULTIMATE Dodgeball! All ages are welcome! If you can walk, you can JUMP! Click Open Jump for Jump Times and details.